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Haven Gallery - Solo Show

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

From Dec 18th 2021 to January 16th

I'm so happy to show my work once again in this New York based gallery! Here's the little text they wrote about the show :

" Haven Gallery is pleased to present a new collection of drawings from French illustrator Stan Manoukian. This will be Manoukian’s second solo show at the gallery and will feature the artists quintessential monsters and creatures of the forest, exemplarily drawn and surrealistically conceived. Manoukian uses intricate line work to create a myriad of characters and narratives that tickle the imagination. His sense of story and mood is accentuated by an extensive exploration of medium as light is shaped to create depth and form. A variety of moods and expressions are propagated throughout each drawing to humanize his surreal beings; yet a hyperbolic approach to their features lend them closer to the imaginative, whimsical entities birthed from ones childhood. Manoukian’s playful works invite us to visit our youthful memories of time spent outdoors. An emphasis on the flourishing of nature uncovers all the fanciful critters that live and play beneath the fecund growth and cyclical seasons. "

Here's some of the artworks available during the show, you can find all of them by following this link HERE.

"Hermelise" 11.5 x 16 inches - Graphite on paper
Below - " The Lighting Star " - 20 x 15 inches - Graphite on Paper

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